Policy for APA Continuing Education Hours

APA Continuing Education Hours Policy


According to the Standards of Practice, members are required to remain current with advances in the field by regular attendance at continuing education courses. Here are the By Law provisions::

1.2.1 A polygraph examiner shall, where applicable, comply with all state continuing education requirements. Practicing examiners shall complete a minimum of 30 continuing education hours every two years in coursework related to the field of polygraphy. A practicing examiner shall be defined as any member who has conducted polygraph training, quality assurance, or examinations in the previous two years. Examiners are responsible for maintaining records to document that they have met the continuing education requirement.

APA approval for the granting of continuing education hours follows a formal process. Requests for approval by APA accredited schools, APA members, or others should be submitted through the APA National Office to the General Chair of the APA Continuing Education Committee at least 30 days in advance of the proposed training. The request should clearly identify the dates, times, location, a schedule/outline of the subject matter(s) to be presented, and documentation reflecting the qualifications of the presenter(s). Curriculum Vitas are preferred. Previously recognized and approved APA PCSOT 40 hour courses are not exempt from this policy; however, the request for continuing education hours/notification of pending seminar/course for these courses need to only provide the time, date and identity of a previously recognized APA PCSOT program and instructors.

Within 10 business days following the conduct of training, the APA National Office will be notified in writing of the identity of those APA members or applicants for membership that attended, the number of hours each attended, and of any material changes from the approved course content, schedule/outline of subject matter and/or presenter(s).