Policies and Acts

Download APA Policies and Acts

From this page, you can download some of the APA's important documents for your review. Just click on the links below to download. Most documents are in either Microsoft Word® format or Adobe PDF.

Model Policy for Law Enforcement/Public Screening Polygraph Examinations

Model Policy for Polygraph Examinee Suitability Evaluation

Model Policy for Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing

PCSOT Committee Adjusted Odds Spreadsheet

Model Policy for Domestic Polygraph Testing

PCSOT Operational Policy

Model Policy for Paired-Testing

Model Policy for Release and Management of Polygraph Reports and Data

Antitrust Policy Statement

APA Whistle Blower Policy

Model Policy for Post-Conviction Domestic Violence Testing

Model Policy for Quality Assurance

Operational Policy for Online Professional Development Content on the APA Website

Model Policy for Algorithm Use in Evidentiary Exams

APA Standard for Polygraph Instrumentation

In August 2023 the American Polygraph Association (APA) adopted minimum
requirements for the recording and displaying of electrodermal activity
(EDA).  They are consensus standards developed by polygraph manufacturers
who volunteered to participate.  Please click here to see the

Below are the manufacturers who currently meet APA's EDA standards: