Policies and Acts

Download APA Policies and Acts

From this page, you can download some of the APA's important documents for your review. Just click on the links below to download. Most documents are in either Microsoft Word® format or Adobe PDF.

Model Policy for Law Enforcement/Public Screening Polygraph Examinations

Model Policy for Polygraph Examinee Suitability Evaluation

Model Policy for Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing

PCSOT Committee Adjusted Odds Spreadsheet

Model Policy for Domestic Polygraph Testing

PCSOT Operational Policy

Model Policy for Paired-Testing

Model Policy for Release and Management of Polygraph Reports and Data

Antitrust Policy Statement

APA Whistle Blower Policy

Model Policy for Post-Conviction Domestic Violence Testing

Model Policy for Quality Assurance

Operational Policy for Online Professional Development Content on the APA Website

Proposed Standard for EDA Signal Processing - At the direction of President Krapohl and under the leadership of President-elect Dutton, U.S polygraph instrument manufacturers were invited to collaborate on a standard for signal processing EDA.  Please click HERE to read a copy of what will be presented to the APA Board of Directors in August 2023. Part of the requirements are that instrument manufacturers publish aspects of the EDA circuit.  The APA will allow instrument manufacturers an opportunity to publish those specs here on the APA website if they wish.



Lafayette Instrument/Limestone


Changes to APA Standards of Practice, Model Policies, or Bylaws
Date and description of change
September 2019 - 
At the Orlando seminar, the general membership approved changes to the provisions of the Divisional Affiliate’s, moving the affiliate category from membership and creating a new section within our bylaws.  The general membership also approved changes to the eligibility requirements for members to run for the office of President-Elect. The Board of Directors have made the following changes; section 1.8.3 of the Standards of Practice was amended regarding the reporting of evidentiary exam findings.  Finally, the Model Policy for the Evaluation of Examinee Suitability for Polygraph Testing was updated to reflect current language of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5).

September 2021 - The APA PCSOT committee updated the PCSOT Model Policy and it was accepted by the full APA Board at the 55th Annual Seminar in Austin, Texas. Click HERE to download a redlined version to see changes.

Also, the board approved an updated version of the APA  Model Policy for Examinee Suitability.