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Established in 1966, the American Polygraph Association (APA) is the world's leading association dedicated to the use of evidence-based scientific methods for credibility assessment. The APA promotes the highest standards of professional, ethical and scientific practices for its 2700+ members through the establishment and publication of standards for professional practice including techniques, instrumentation, analysis, research, training and continuing education.The American Polygraph Association (APA) is a professional organization that exists to provide training, model best practices, and offer professional resources for the continued growth of ethical and evidence- based detection of deception through the use of polygraph.  The APA membership consists of professional polygraph examiners, educators and researchers who share a common commitment to the public interest through the development, communication and promotion of valid and ethical polygraph practices.  Photo courtesy of Northwest PhotoSmith.  


Statement from American Polygraph Association Board of Directors:

The American Polygraph Association (APA) is an international professional organization of polygraph examiners and professionals. The APA Board of Directors has observed the hostile and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and expresses their unwavering support for Ukraine and APA’s Ukrainian and Eastern European members, colleagues and their families, who continue to be victimized by this tragic aggression. The APA supports a diplomatic and peaceful resolution.

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The American Polygraph Association, established in 1966, is the largest polygraph association consisting of examiners in the private, law enforcement, and government fields. The APA continues to be the leading professional association of its kind, establishing standards of ethical practices, techniques, instrumentation, research, and advanced training and continuing educational programs.

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