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PCSOT Trained

PCSOT Trained

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Biography and Additional Professional Information

Patrick is an accredited Polygraph Examiner. He trained in Arizona and Pennsylvania, USA his tutors were Laura Wells de Perry, Raymond Nelson and Nate Gordon. He is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the American National Polygraph Association and the British and European Polygraph Association

Before starting Forensic Vetting limited Patrick had continuous law enforcement experience of 33 years consisting of service with the West Midlands Police in the UK for 31 years and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in the West Indies for 2 years. He attained the rank of Detective Superintendent in both organisations.

Patrick has been responsible for leading numerous major Criminal Investigations from murder, corporate manslaughter and kidnap to reviewing the deaths of children in a multi agency environment.

He has extensive Personnel, Performance Management and Operational Policing experience. He is particularly experienced in the area of Child and Domestic Abuse and a passionate believer in the need to continually strive for excellence.

He is an innovator with vision who has been responsible for the creation and delivery of several new Polices and Inter Agency Teams, Projects and Methods of Operation. He has worked at the strategic and tactical level of operations and planning having served on 5 National Police Advisory and Policy Groups. He has been on National working parties assisting and advising Governmental Departments both in England and Saint Lucia regarding areas of Criminal Justice, Child Protection, Forced Marriages, Drugs Enforcement and Child Trafficking demonstrating an ability to assess current and future threats and demands and be able to tackle and resolve problems in a holistic, pragmatic and successful manner.

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