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PCSOT Trained

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Highly-trained and dedicated former career law enforcement officer with B.S. in Human Services/MBA degree, 14 years of experience as a criminal investigation detective, vice control detective and police officer with a passion for the law enforcement/security profession and teaching/educating/mentoring others.

Interested in furthering my career as a police science instructor, specialty security professional or in a related police science/security services occupation.


Extensive experience planning, coordinating, training and conducting investigations as well as analyzing data, controlling evidence, preparing documentation and providing testimony in court.

Advanced training in interviewing, interrogations, forensic statement analysis, digital voice stress analyzer, financial investigations, national incident management and crisis negotiations.

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Detective – Criminal Investigation Bureau Violent Crimes Division
City of Milwaukee Police Department
June 2009 – January 2011 (1 year 8 months) Milwaukee, WI

Assigned to Criminal Investigation Bureau Violent Crimes Division; responsible for investigating violent crimes, robberies, burglaries, police officer involved shootings and assisting in homicide investigations.

Detective - 2002 – 2011 (9 years)
Detective – Vice Control Division

City of Milwaukee Police Department
July 2002 – June 2009 (7 years) Milwaukee, WI

Narcotics Investigator in Vice Control Division (VCD); responsible for investigating drug activity and related offenses in Wisconsin’s largest city; the 28th most populous city in the United States.

▪ Actively served as member of vice drug unit, prostitution unit, major crimes, knock and talk, violent crime unit. Provided leadership and direction in the operations of the command station.

▪ Highly trained and extremely effective in drug recognition, surveillance techniques, raid operations and search and seizure laws; worked days and nights, weekdays and weekends and holidays conducting covert and overt surveillance operations, street level narcotic operations and execute search warrants of suspected drug locations.

▪ Investigated and apprehend persons suspected of an illegal sale, use or purchase of narcotics or violating anti-vice laws investigates, arrest offenders, obtain statements for prosecution of offenders and appear in court as witness.

▪ Investigated establishments of persons suspected of violating anti-vice laws, conducted server dissipates in raids of such establishments, arrests suspects and obtained evidence to be used by district attorney and prosecuting case in court.

▪ Charged with the responsibility of leading other units in investigating crimes; provided effective leadership in conducting stake-outs and undercover investigations, and in controlling crime scenes.

▪ Highly skilled and effective in collecting information about drug activity from concerned citizens, anonymous sources, fellow police officers, informants and others.

Detective – Criminal Investigation Bureau
City of Milwaukee Police Department
July 2002 – October 2002 (4 months) Milwaukee, WI

Promoted to Detective; assigned to Criminal Investigation Bureau. Duties included investigation of violent crime, robberies, burglaries, police officer involved shootings and assisting in homicide investigations.

Police Officer
City of Milwaukee Police Department
December 1996 – July 2002 (5 years 8 months) Milwaukee, WI

Patrolled a high crime rate area of this city of 600,000 inhabitants; responded to dispatch calls to enforce laws; provided for security and public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property through the enforcement state, county, criminal and municipal laws and ordinances.

▪ Special Operations Bureau (SOB) – Utilized intensive tactical training in assisting the Tactical Unit in operations including deep patrol missions and responding to large scale crime.

▪ Patrol Officer, Mobile Command Unit; commanded a RUV as part of the Mobile Command Unit responding to major incidents requiring large scale law enforcement intervention.

▪ Patrolled on assignment observing the area for criminal activity, conditions that may endanger public safety, investigating complaints, enforcing laws and maintaining high visibility.

▪ Investigated crimes, interviewed witnesses, complainants, and victims; gathered physical evidence and preserved it for court; conducted follow-up investigations as needed.

▪ Conducted security checks, participated in surveillance and undercover operations; served as witness in court and provided evidence in court as required.

▪ Prepared, processed and transmitted various reports including; incident reports, booking reports, accident reports, witness statements, traffic citations and investigative worksheets.

▪ Investigated traffic accidents to determine causes and to determine if a crime had been committed and issued citations or warnings to violators of motor vehicle ordinances.


University of Phoenix
MBA – Masters Degree in Business Administration
2004 – 2008

Singfield College
Bachelor of Science in Human Services
2000 – 2002

Milwaukee Area Technical College
Associate in Applied Science: Criminal Justice
1998 – 2000

Phone: 414-499-7800