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PCSOT Trained

PCSOT Trained

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Biography and Additional Professional Information

Carole London-Williams
POLYGRAPH SERVICES Private Sector Scotland UK Europe Ireland
2006 Backster School of Lie Detection /San Diego
Director:Cleve Backster Course Instructor: Greg Adams

2006 APA - American Polygraph Association Member
2006 BPA - British Polygraph Association Member
2007 Backster School of Lie Detection /San Diego
50th Annual Conference Course
Director: Cleve Backster Course Instructor: Greg Adams
Academy for Scientific Investigative Training
Philadelphia Director: NatHan J Gordon
2009 Nashville Conference /Update training
2011 Texas Conference /Update training
2013 Orlando Conference /Update training
2013 Academy of Polygraph Science Advance Course
Director: Benjamin Blalock MA, Course Instructor Guillermo Witte MS

Church Street Ladybank
Cupar, FIF KY15 7ND
Phone: 01337 831416