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Biography and Additional Professional Information

AJ Burger served as Police Officer between 30/12/1985 and 30/09/1998. He worked in the Uniform-, Detective-, Police Murder-, Robbery Reaction-, Security and Organized Crime Units and also completed Detective, Riot and SWAT Courses. He passed the National Police Certificate Examinations and was waiting for promotion to the rank of Captain when he left the SAPS. At the Detective Branch he investigated serious crimes of a vast nature and dealt with informants on a daily basis. At the Security Branch he worked with aspects important to the safety and security of South Africa and during that time, his professional handling of informants played a major role in preventing and solving certain crimes against the country. He obtained numerous awards and appraisals during his career in the SAPS. At The Robbery Reaction Unit, an “undercover” Police unit, which specialized in working on bank robberies, vehicle robberies, street robberies, residential and other business robberies, vehicle thefts, theft out of vehicles and burglaries, he received awards for three years in a row for making the most arrests. As a member of the Police Organised Crime Unit, he worked undercover as an Agent, who infiltrated and exposed various motor vehicle theft, robbery and other syndicates, for approximately three years. The undercover operation conducted, whilst he had been employed as Undercover Agent, was regarded as one of the most successful operations ever in South Africa. Approximately R45 million worth of stolen vehicles were recovered and several suspects arrested and successfully convicted.

In 1999 AJ Burger started to work for him self, processing Vehicle Theft, Robbery and Accident Insurance claims for Santam -, Regent -, AA -, Hollard -and Sentrasure Insurance Companies. He also assisted in detailed investigations of suspected fraudulent claims on burglaries, fires, etc. Over a period of approximately 4 years, he recommended that the above Insurance Companies, in total, did not pay out approximately R7 million rand's worth of claims as a result of Insurance Fraud or "non-compliance" of policy stipulations.

AJ Burger is, further, an Associate Member, in good standing, of the American Polygraph Association (APA).He obtained his training from the American International Institute of Polygraph. The main Instructor, Mr Charles E Slupski, is considered to be one of the leading Polygraph Instructors in the world. The American International Institute of Polygraph is an accredited training school, recognized by the controlling body, American Polygraph Association. He passed his Basic Polygraph Course, which included subjects such as History of Polygraph, Test Question Construction, Polygraph Techniques, Physiology and the Polygraph, Psychological Aspects of Polygraph, Law, Ethics, Research, Report Writing, Quality Control, Interviews, Test Data Analysis and Practical Examinations, with an average of 95%. He also attends Advanced & Continuing Education Workshops, presented by accredited Instructors, on a yearly basis to equip him with the latest programs, techniques and research. Currently, he conducts Examinations for various corporate/private clients and collected more than eight thousand Test Charts since he started to conduct Polygraph Examinations.

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