State, National and International Seminars

The New Jersey Polygraph Association will be holding its annual seminar

on October 9, 10 and 11. The seminar will take place at The Shore Club located on

700 State Highway 71, Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762. The main speaker at the seminar

will be Michael Gougler.

The Maryland Polygraph Association has arranged to hold the 2023 MPA Annual Membership meeting and training seminar on June 12-13 2023 in Marriottsville, MD.
It will be the first time the MPA has been able to hold such a meeting since 2019.
We would appreciate it if you would be able to "advertise" that date in your upcoming publications and/or web sites.
A general announcement of the date with a direction to check the MPA website ( is all that is requested.  The MPA will post specific information, times, topics and cost as they are determined.
Thank you.

Jeff Johnson
MPA Treasurer
[email protected]