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Up for sale, a (3-years new) stationary polygraph chair which features opening arm pads to conceal arm movement sensors. Also, seat opening to conceal seat sensor. $500.


This item is for pick up in New Braunfels, TX. Contact Sally VanBeek at 425-367-1210 or, [email protected]. Thank you!






Thriving Polygraph Company 

Established 1987 

Turn Key Operation including all equipment 

We have two offices on the West Coast of Florida 

Great reputation with Law Enforcement, Therapists and Attorneys. 

Two examiners continued busy maintaining CDC requirements throughout the pandemic 

Contact Owner @ Call (727) 942-2246 or [email protected] 

My name is Dawn and I'm an APA member & polygraph examiner. I am in the process of expanding my business. I was wondering if you would please post on the APA For Sale area on my behalf as I would like to purchase the following:
Used Lafayette LX6000 or an 8 channel Axiton with software. 
Polygraph Chair
I would also purchase DI/SR polygraph charts created from an analog. I do not have an analog but I thought it would be neat to frame some old charts and hang them in the office.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Very Respectfully,
Investigator D. Nash, 
Polygraph Examiner & EyeDetect
Licensed Private Investigator
Validate, LLC
‪Office: (443) 343-2849‬
Cell/Text: (808) 256-7661


My name is Bieje and I am writing you on behalf of Full Bleed Printing in Brooklyn, NY regarding an Axciton polygraph that we have in our possession from a previous Homeland TV shoot.  As far as we know this was purchased specifically for the project by the company Showtime and has not been used since; the machine was left to whomever wanted it and so our staff brought it back to the shop where it has been sitting ever since.  We are obviously not members of the APA but we are wondering if there is still any way to list this machine on your website for sale?  Attached are pictures.
Thank you in advance for your help,
Bieje Chapman
The Shop
C:929 397 0532

For Sale
I have a 2 year old Stoelting still under 5 year warranty for sale in pristine condition with all attachments, camera, and brand new Husky bags for parts, (tags still on them). It has been used once on a test with my own daughter outside of school. 
I am 69, went through Marston Academy,  and never moved forward with this occupation due to some personal issues. Now with Covid, I really don't think it is in my interest to do polygraph. 
I am asking $4,600 and can fly it to the buyer (I get free flights) if buyer is outside Southern CA.
Cash or cashier's check only please. Please advise. 
Thanks for your help,
Diane Hoffman 

For Sale:
LX5000 - 4 years old in nearly new condition. 
With 2 pneumographs, EDA sensor, bp cuff, ple, and seat sensor. 
£3500. I am UK based so postage would be extra if required.



DataPac_USB Silver Package

The DataPac_USB  is designed for the professional examiner who already has a suitable computer system but requires data acquisition software and physiological hardware. 

Data Pac_USB includes:

Data Pac_ USB™

USB Attachment Cable 6 Feet 

2 Respiration Transducers

1 EDA Attachment 

1 Blood Pressure Cuff Assembly (Includes Adjustable Blood Pressure Cuff, Cardio Tubing and Sphygmomanometer 

1 Countermeasure Sensor Pad (Air)

1 Instrument Carrying Case

Contact Al Gonzalez - OBO - Best Offer

305-804-2689 or email offer to

Thank You



This is Torrance Bowens.

I have a Stoelting COS PRO for sale. It has never been used.

I’m asking $1500.00 for the instrument.

If you know of anyone who would be interested please contact me at Torrance Bowens @ 1318-955-5732

I am a retired polygraph examiner.  I was licensed in CA when there was licensing there and graduated from an APA accredited school in 1982.


I wanted to see if there would be any interest in buying my analog instrument.


I know that the digital instruments are the latest and greatest but this one has served me well for many years.


Let me know if this would be possible.


Many thanks,



David L Warkentine - CEO

Stealth Partners, Inc.,

PO Box #31441

Laughlin, NV 89028-1441

Office: (877) 798-7025 FAX: (877)739-5101






My name is Randy Reynolds I'm the owner of  Decker Instruments .  If possible I would like to place a  Sale / Trade listing to purchase Analog Polygraph chart paper from anyone who may have some they wish to sell. What do I need in order to I place a listing on the APA web site ?
Randall Reynolds Spectrum Dynamics, L.L.C. 353 Circle C. Road Alexandria, Alabama 36250 H: (256) 820-8970 C: (256) 343-6215



I am interested in placing this instrument on the classified page ~ I am not a member and am wondering what the procedure would be to get this information on the site?


"Mint Condition" ~ Please check it out on Ebay...


Axciton Computer Polygraph

New, Never used

5 channel box

All attachments, including seat cushion for counter-measure

Latest Axciton version

Advanced White Star Scoring program($2,500)

Infrared finger attachment

Cost $9,500   Sell $3,500 Firm

Arthur Herring III

Polygraph Equipment for Sale:


Item                                                  Condition                     Asking Price                   Purchase Price

Seat Sensor                                       Very Good                     $300                                  $475

Arm Pad Sensors                               Very Good                    $350                                  $495

Foot Pad Sensors                              Very Good                     $350                                  $495

Forearm Cradle W/ Cuff                  Very Good                     $50                                    $215

*Bundle price for seat, foot and arm sensors                      $750                                  $1,465

*Bundle price for all items listed above                                $1,000                              $1,680


Also, For Sale.    (Price Is Negotiable)

Existing Business Website ‘’ 

This Website has been up and running for six years as of this month.  Amount spent on Google AdWords varies, but has never exceeded a max budget of $175 per month.

The average number of initial visits per month ranges between 1500 and 2000.  

January, February and March AdWords budgets were only $50 per month (To keep the website active) with the following results for February.

Total Page Impressions - 11,076

New Website Visits - 1,985

Website Sessions Resulting from New Visits - 5,196

This website can either be automatically forwarded to an existing web address or continued as a stand-alone website which could be easily personalized to a new owner and/or location.


If interested in any of the above listed items, feel free to contact me at or call

me at 657-549 1249. Please leave a message if I don’t answer.


Thank You,

 Charles Hubler (Bud)


I am interested in trying to sell my late husband's polygraph machine. 
I don't know anything about it, whether it works or not, but am assuming it does....?  It is a Model #76056B, Serial #147824, Voltage 120, Freq. 60, Watts 30. It was made in Lafayette, Indiana. 
Please email me at with questions or offers.  It would ship from Florida.
Thanks so much,
Dawn Lackovic


I have a Stoelting CPS Pro instrument includes case, the unit is about 2 years old.

Selling for £3750 UK sale only, will not ship.


Please contact me

Jason Hubble





I have a stoelting CPSpro complete instrument includes case PLE and both electronic and mechanical phneumos the unit is about 2 years old. Selling for $4200.00 obo
Accepting Cash,Venmo, PayPal or Visa & MC
Please contact 
Mitchell Alvarado