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Polygraph Examiner CIA


REQUIREMENTS and Responsibilities                                                                                                                

As a Polygraph Examiner for CIA, you will assess the credibility of individuals in support of CIA’s mission.


The CIA hires Polygraph Examiners from a wide variety of backgrounds with the following credentials and experience:


» Federally certified polygraph examiner or willing to attend a 14 week training course at the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA)


» High levels of trustworthiness, tenacity, professional and personal integrity, and loyalty to the United States

» Confidence to have your work scrutinized and the grace to accept feedback


» Knowledge of the counterintelligence and security arena


» Analytic skills


» Ability to work both independently and in a team environment


» Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with a broad cross-section of society, sometimes under stressful conditions

» Conduct Polygraph Examinations

» Elicit Information

» Prepare Written Reports

» Obtain Continuing Education



» Bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4-point scale

» Ability to meet the minimum requirements for joining CIA, including U.S. Citizenship and a background investigation

Given the CIA’s critical role in national security, all applicants must be US citizens and must successfully complete a thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview, and an extensive background investigation before becoming a CIA employee. All positions require relocation to the Washington, DC metro area.


Examiner needed in Sunny Florida on the West Coast, Tampa Area. The examiner should have experience in PCSOT and Pre-Hire Law Enforcement Testing with the LEPET.

Please Contact 

Wade Moss

Asset Guardian, Inc.

(727)243-3760  (Cell)


Job Title:

Experienced Polygraph Examiners

Job Category:



Various – see description

Travel Required:

Local travel only

Level/Salary Range:

To be determined

Position Type:

Contract on as-needed basis


Chip Morgan

Date Posted:

Date Posted

External Posting URL:

Applications Accepted By:

Fax or Email letter of Interest to: 

[email protected]

Subject Line: Polygraph examiner position

Please indicate in your letter of Interest which geographic area(s) you wish to cover and your experience.

For more polygraph specific info, contact:

Chip Morgan

[email protected]


Job Description

Matt and Laura Burton have a highly successful coaching practice centered on sexual sobriety and infidelity.


Our Couple's Coaching Program has a high success rate because it combines the most effective tools, techniques and practices and is couple-centric, focusing equally on the couple, the recovering addict, and the partner. ​ Session work is important, especially in early recovery.  Couples are involved in three types of session work:  couple sessions, partner sessions, and recovering addict sessions.  Recovering addicts and their partners also participate in coach-facilitated Recovery Work Groups. These are divided into 2 separate groups; one for partners and one for the recovering addict.   For couples needing or wanting a more focused approach, we offer our three- and five-day Couple's Sexual Addiction and Intimacy Anorexia® Intensives. Intensives are unique, as they advance in days what typically takes a couple several months to achieve. Our programs can help the partner, the recovering addict, and the relationship recover from the devastation of addiction.


Our business is expanding at a fast pace in the US and abroad and we are in need of highly qualified polygraph examiners to assist us in verifying the truth around sexual sobriety and infidelity.


Ideally, we would like to have qualified polygraph examiners in most major cities and have the ability to cover all states. Right now, our primary focus is on metropolitan areas, to include:

1.      New York: New York City, Upstate NY

o   California: Los Angeles/Riverside, San Francisco

2.      Illinois:  Chicago

3.      Texas:  Dallas; Houston, San Antonio

4.      Washington DC/Baltimore MD

5.      Florida: Miami, Tampa Bay/Orlando

6.      Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

7.      Georgia:  Atlanta

8.      Arizona: Phoenix

9.      Massachusetts: Boston

10.    Michigan: Detroit

11.    Minnesota: Minneapolis/St. Paul

12.    Colorado: Denver

13.    Missouri: St. Louis, Kansas City

14.    North Carolina: Charlotte

15.    Nevada: Las Vegas

16.    Ohio: Columbus

17.    Indiana: Indianapolis

18.    Tennessee: Nashville, Memphis

19.    Virginia: Richmond

20.    Rhode Island: Providence

21.    Wisconsin: Milwaukee

22.    Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

23.    Louisiana: New Orleans

24.    Kentucky: Louisville

25.    Utah: Salt Lake City

26.    Connecticut: Hartford

27.    Alabama: Birmingham

28.    Wyoming: Casper

29.    Hawaii, Honolulu

30.    South Carolina: Charleston

31.    Idaho: Boise – Have covered

32.    New Mexico – Albuquerque

33.    North Dakota – Bismarck

34.    Maine – Portland

35.    Montana - Billings

Scope of work:

Typically, a client will be polygraphed every 3 months for the first year, every 6 months in the second year and once yearly after that. Polygraphs must be conducted using an APA Validated Technique; inconclusives must be attempted to be rectified by clearance testing and a comprehensive report must be completed for each examination. All examinations must be conducted in compliance with APA/AAPP/NPA Standards of Practice.

Role and Responsibilities

Polygraph examiners will be referred clients by Matt Burton for polygraph examinations. Reasonable fees (per local pricing at your locale) will be agreed upon in advance. The fees for services will be collected from the clients at the time of service – no billing required.


At the conclusion of the polygraph testing, a complete report will be sent to Matt Burton.


Qualifications and Education Requirements

All polygraphers must be graduates of an APA or AAPP accredited polygraph program and any applicant must be a member in good standing of one of the national polygraph associations (APA, AAPP or NPA), with current continuing education units met or exceeded.

Preferred Skills

Although this testing is not PCSOT testing and PCSOT certification is not required, the testing does approximate the criteria present in PCSOT testing, to include:

  • A disclosure (initial) polygraph, which is a screening test
  • Maintenance testing to ensure compliance with program goals

A preferred polygrapher should have experience in conducting screening examinations and should be familiar with polygraph testing in a therapeutic (non-criminal) environment.

Additional Notes

Program information requests should be directed to [email protected]

Polygraph information requests should be directed to Chip Morgan  [email protected]