APA Accredited Polygraph Programs

This list represents those programs that have agreed to voluntarily comply with the minimum education and training standards established by the APA. These APA accredited programs undergo periodic inspections to determine compliance with those standards. While seeking to establish minimum education and training standards, the APA does not certify that individual programs comply, from course to course, with these minimal training standards nor does the APA certify the competency of polygraph examiners who graduate from these programs.

A link to the APA accreditation standards may be found at the bottom of this page and under the Resources tab. Among these standards are: a minimum of 400 hours that will be completed in not fewer than 10 nor more than 17 weeks and must be conducted at a qualified education and training facility; a week shall consist of at least four but not more than six consecutive days; a day is defined as at least six but not more than nine hours, excluding lunch and breaks; at least 95% of the instruction hours provided each week shall be done so in the presence of a faculty member qualified to provide such instruction.

The APA does not recognize, for basic polygraph education and training, on-line or distance learning for any portion of the required 400 hours of in residence training.

 Here is a link to download a current list of accredited programs.   


APA Accredited Programs




APA membership and accredited training program attendance

All prospective students should verify with the APA National Office that the training they wish to receive is accredited at the time that they plan to attend training. Attending an APA accredited program is only one of the prerequisites for membership in the APA.