APA Accredited Polygraph Programs

APA Accredited Polygraph Programs

This list represents those programs that have agreed to voluntarily comply with the minimum education and training standards established by the APA. These APA accredited programs undergo periodic inspections to determine compliance with those standards. While seeking to establish minimum education and training standards, the APA does not certify that individual programs comply, from course to course, with these minimal training standards nor does the APA certify the competency of polygraph examiners who graduate from these programs.

A link to the APA accreditation standards may be found at the bottom of this page and under the Resources tab. Among these standards are: a minimum of 400 hours that will be completed in not fewer than 10 nor more than 17 weeks and must be conducted at a qualified education and training facility; a week shall consist of at least four but not more than six consecutive days; a day is defined as at least six but not more than nine hours, excluding lunch and breaks; at least 95% of the instruction hours provided each week shall be done so in the presence of a faculty member qualified to provide such instruction.

The APA does not recognize, for basic polygraph education and training, on-line or distance learning for any portion of the required 400 hours of in residence training.




 *see notice at bottom of page.


Backster School of Lie Detection

861 Sixth Avenue, Suite 403
San Diego, California 92101-6379
Director: Gregory C. Adams, M.A.
Phone: (619) 233-6669
E-mail: BacksterPolygraph@gmail.com 
: http://www.backster.net  

Marston Polygraph Academy

390 Orange Show Lane
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Director: Cynthia Saenz
Phone: (877) 627-2223
E-mail: mail@marstonpolygraphacademy.com
Website: http://www.marstonpolygraphacademy.com   


Academy of Polygraph Science

8695 College Parkway, Ste 2160 
Fort Myers, FL 33919 
Director: Benjamin Blalock
Phone:  (630) 258-9030
Email: ben@apsPolygraphSchool.com
Website:  http://www.apspolygraphschool.com

Academy of Polygraph Science Latin America, Inc.

12945 Seminole Blvd, Building One, Suite 15 
Largo, FL 33778-2315
Director: Arno Horvath
Phone: (727) 531-3782
Phone: (727) 433-6266
Fax: (727) 286-6140
Email: polygraphacademy@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.abhpolygraphscience.com

International Academy of Polygraph

1835 S. Perimeter Road, Suite 125
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Director: Scott A. Walters
Phone: (954) 771-6900
E-mail: dci@deception.com


American International Institute of Polygraph

P.O. Box 2008 
619 Highway 138 W. Suite C
Stockbridge, GA  30281
Director:  Charles E. Slupski
Phone: (770) 960-1377
Email: AIIP@QPolygraph.com or chuck@Qpolygraph.com
Website: http://www.polygraphschool.com


National Polygraph Academy

1890 Star Shoot Parkway, Suite 170-366
Lexington, KY 40509
Director: Pam Shaw
Phone: (859) 494-7429
E-mail: shaw.national@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.nationalpolygraphacademy.com   


Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice

8424 Veterans Highway, Suite 3
Millersville, MD 21108-0458
Director: Billy H. Thompson
Phone: (410) 987-6665 or 800-493-8181
E-mail: mdmicj@aol.com
Website: http://www.micj.com   

New Hampshire  

New England Polygraph Institute  

15 Glidden Road
Moultonborough, NH 03254
Director: David J. Crawford  
Phone: (603) 253-8002
E-mail: kacdc@worldpath.net
Website: http://www.newenglandpolygraphinstitute.com


Academy for Scientific Investigative Training

1704 Locust Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Director: Nathan J. Gordon
Phone: (215) 732-3349
E-mail: truthdoctor@polygraph-training.com
Website: http://www.polygraph-training.com

Northeast Counterdrug Training Center Polygraph Institute

*Local, Municipal, and State Law Enforcement Agencies Only
Fort Indiantown Gap 
NCTC Headquarters Building 8-64
Annville, Pennsylvania 17003-5002
Director: Elmer N. Criswell, Jr.
Direct Phone: (717) 673-9345
Toll Free - NCTC HQ: (877) 806-6293
College Office: (717) 780-2513
E-mail: encriswe@hacc.edu or counterdrugpolygraphschool@gmail.com
Website: http://www.counterdrug.org

South Carolina  

*National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA)

State & Federal agencies only
7540 Pickens Avenue
Fort Jackson, SC 29207-5000
Director: William F. Norris
Phone: (803) 751-9100
E-Mail: susan.gatlin@ncca.mil
Website: http://www.ncca.mil


The Polygraph Institute

19179 Blanco Road, Ste. 105 #812
San Antonio, Texas 78258
Director: J. Patrick O'Burke
Phone: (817) 290-0033
E-mail: JPOBurke@thepolygraphinstitute.com
Website: http://www.thepolygraphinstitute.com

Texas DPS Law Enforcement Polygraph School

*Local, State & Federal agencies only
PO Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773-0450
Director: Charles M. Hicks
Phone: (512) 997-4093
Website: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/polygraph/

Veridicus International Polygraph Academy

9901 I.H. 10 West, Suite 800
San Antonio, Texas 78230
 Director:  Yasmin Rios
Telephone: (210) 226-5505
E-mail: rioscarmona@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.veridicusinc.com


Virginia School of Polygraph

7885 Coppermine Road
Manassas, VA 20109
Director: Daryl L. DeBow
Phone: (571) 435-1207
E-mail: Polygraph11@comcast.net
Website: http://www.virginiaschoolofpolygraph.com

- International Schools -




National Academy of Polygraph of the Police of Colombia 

Transversal 33 47a-35 sur

Bogota Colombia

Director: Ct. Andrea del Pilar Carrillo Prieto

email: andrea.carrillo@correo.policia.gov.co


Latin American Polygraph Institute

Government and Private
Carrera 46 #93-70, Barrio La Castellana
Bogota, Columbia
Director: Sidney Wise Arias
Phone: (305) 432-4077
   (571) 236-9630
Fax: (571)-214-8334
E-mail: swarias@bellsouth.com

Tudor Academy

Carrera 66, No. 42-103
Barrio San Joaquin
Medellin, Colombia
Director: Charles Speagle
Phone: + (57) (4) 436 4178 - Medellin, Colombia
E-mail:  info@TudorAcademy.com
Website: www.TudorAcademy.com

Bahavioural Measures, UK, Polygraph Training Centre

Director: Donnie Dutton

Email: DDutton443@aol.com




380 Uxbridge Road

London, England  W5 3LH

United Kingdom


Director:  Dan Sosnowski


US Inquires:  Dan Sosnowski – 770-843-1019

UK Inquires:  Don Cargill – 44 7876198762

E-Mail:  sos4911@aol.com  or don@nationalpolygraphs.co.uk


Gazit International Polygraph School

29 Hamered, Industry Building
P.O. Box 50474  
Tel Aviv 61500   Israel 
Director: Mordechai (Mordi) Gazit
Phone: 972-3-575-2488
Email: mordi@gazit-poly.co.il
Website: http://www.polygraph-school.com

Israeli Government Polygraph School

*State & Federal agencies only
PO Box 17193
Tel-Aviv, Israel 61171
Director: Jacob Salem

E-mail: igpolyschool@gmail.com

Latin America

Latin American Polygraph Institute

730 Coral Way, Suite 102
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Director: Sidney Wise Arias
Phone: (305) 441-1652
Email: swarias@bellsouth.net


Centro de Investigacion Forense y Control de Confianza, S.C.

Rodriguez Saro #523, Int. 501-A Col. Del Valle
Del. Benito Juarez
Mexico D.F.  C.P. 03100
Director:  Jaime Raul Duran Valle
Telephone: 011 52 55 2455-4624
E-mail: raul_backster@el-poligrafo.com
Website: http://www.el-poligrafo.com

Centro Mexicano de Analisis Poligrafico y Psicologico, S.C.

Plateros 110, building 76, int 101 

Col. San Jose Insurgentes 

Del. Alvaro Obregon 

Zip 03900 

Mexico DF (Mexico City) 


Phone number: (52)(55)56608728 

 or (52)(55)55936075 



email:  fernanda@cemapp.com.mx 

Instituto Latinamericano de Poligrafia Mexico

Genova 33, Despacho 503
Col. Juarez Del Cuauhtemoc
CP 06600
Mexico D.F. 
Director:  Sandra Zambrano
E-mail:  lpi2007@gmail.com

International Polygraph Studies Center

Insurgentes Sur No. 1877, Piso 2
Ofi. 204 Col. Guadalupe Inn
Deleg. Álvaro Obregón
C.P. 01020
Mexico D.F. 
Director:  Raymond I. Nelson
E-mail:  international@poligrafia.com.mx

National Academy of Training and Investigations in Polygraph Analysis

Av. Paseo de la Reforma No.364
Col. Juarez, Delegacion Cuauhtemoc
Mexico D.F.  C.P. 06600
Director: Jesus Sandoval Escalante

National Center of Investigation and Security
Polygraph Studies Unit

Calle Cuauhtemoc #168
Colonia Tizapan de San Angel
Mexico City, Mexiico 01059
Director: Luz Del Carmen Diaz
Phone: 011/52/555/616-6273
Email: ldgalindo@entermas.net


Latinamerican Institute for Credibility Assessment - LICA

Calle Los Petirrojos (calle 17) #438
Urbanizacion Corpac
Distrito de San Isidro
Lima, Peru
Director: Manuel Novoa
Telephone: (305) 342-4077, (511) 226-8450


American Institute of Polygraph (Singapore)

908 Barton Street
Otsego, MI 49078-1583
Director: Lynn P. Marcy
Phone: (269) 692-2413
Website: http://www.polygraphis.com/AmericanInstitute

MINDEF Center for Credibility Assessment

Block 13, Mandai Camp 2
Mandai Road
Director: V. Cholan
Phone: 65-6768-4247
Email: cholan@starnet.gov.sg

*Notice Regarding the Arizona School of Polygraph Science, Inc.

On January 29, 2013, the APA Board of Directors revoked the APA accreditation of the Arizona School of Polygraph Science, Inc. with regard to their polygraph examiner training programs. Any classes of the Arizona School of Polygraph Science, Inc. which began after January 29, 2013, are not recognized by the APA as APA accredited classes.

To the extent that there are any ongoing representations by the Arizona School of Polygraph Science, Inc. or any school claiming affiliation with the Arizona School of Polygraph Science, Inc., to include but not limited to Wells Polygraph Institute or School of Polygraph Science, Inc. that their polygraph examiner training programs are currently approved or accredited by the American Polygraph Association, such representations are inaccurate.


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