Advanced & Specialized Training Certificate

Please see the bottom of this page for an electronic copy of the Advanced and Specialized Training Certificate Application.

1. What is the purpose?

To attest to continuing professional training on topics relating to polygraph

2. Exactly what is the APA Certifying?

This program does not imply general Board Certification or a Certification of Competency. Nor does this program assume any responsibility for the conduct of polygraph examinations administered for by an APA member. It was solely developed to go beyond regular membership in the APA in order to document that a member is involved in attending a minimum amount of continuing education in the field of polygraph.

3. Who is Eligible for the Advanced & Specialized Training Certificate?

You must be a Full, Associate or Life Member of the APA to be eligible for this program. An examinee need not be a member of the APA while accruing advanced and specialized training hours, but MUST be a member when he/she applies for the Certificate.

4. What Instruction will Qualify?

Instruction MUST be directly related to polygraph and taught by APA annual seminars or continuing education programs such Regional or State Polygraph Association Seminars; APA accredited polygraph schools and federal governments of the US & Canada as approved by the APA Board; College courses and other training on general topics such as law, psychology, physiology, etc., may qualify. In no case will the APA accept instruction taught by any polygraph school not accredited by the APA. Seminar hours developed for registration, receptions, parties or business meetings will not qualify as continuing education hours.

5. What has to be done to Document my hours?

Qualifying schools, associations, etc., that wish to have their hours of instruction qualify MUST file a copy of the program, showing hours, topics, instructors and their credentials, and a list of attendees with the APA. A cover letter must be signed by an officer of the teaching entity. Members who are applying for the Certificate must submit their application and specify the courses, seminars, etc., that they attended for which education hours are requested. The APA will match the applicant's list against the course list for verification and it is the individual's responsibility to correct the list if their name is inadvertently left off.

6. What do I need to receive the Certificate?

* at least 36 hours of approved training
* training must be after January 1, 1995
* Accumulative hours are within a three year period
* APA membership dues must be paid prior to the Certificate being issued

7. What does the Certificate cost?

A fee of $50 (paid by check, money order or credit card) which will cover a three year period.

8. How much does it cost to renew my Certificate?

You can renew your Certificate of Advanced and Specialized Training for $15.00 every three years.

For more information or to obtain an application for the Advanced & Specialized Training Certificate offered by the APA , contact the National Office at (800)APA-8037.


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