We have our winners!

We have our winners!

APA election results are in.  

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Official Results of the 2014 Election of Officers for the Board of Directors 

Total number of voters: 510 


President Elect 

           Walt Goodson                          416 

           Daniel Mangan                           74 

           Write-in                                       5 

VP Government 

           Darryl Starks (unopposed)         430 

           Write-in                                       4 

VP Law Enforcement 

           Daniel Violette (unopposed)       427 

           Write-in                                      7 

VP Private 

           Patrick O’Burke (unopposed)     428 

           Write-in                                       5 

Director 2  

           Donnie Dutton (unopposed)       467 

           Write-in                                      3 

Director 4 

           Barry Cushman (unopposed)     454 

           Write-in                                      4 

Congratulations to our winners!