APA Membership at New High

APA Membership of Non-Americans Growing Fastest

Polygraph Association Membership Reaches New High

Membership of Non-Americans Growing the Fastest

Chattanooga, TN, January 1, 2013: The American Polygraph Association, the largest professional organization of polygraph examiners, achieved a record membership during 2012. The Association was established in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois and maintains a national office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The growth in membership is driven in particular by increasing membership from countries outside of the United States. The growth of foreign members is indicative of the expanding use of polygraph testing around the world. The Association now has more than 720 members from 47 countries other than the United States. There are 2178 members in the United States. The membership includes government officials, law enforcement personnel, private practitioners, as well as academics and researchers. The Association presently accredits 28 polygraph educational programs, of which 13 are in countries outside the United States. Among the educational programs accredited by the Association are the Canadian Police College, the Israeli Government Polygraph School, and the Department of Defense Center for Credibility Assessment. The Association’s annual seminar is attended by hundreds of examiners from around the world. In conjunction with other organizations the Association sponsors numerous continuing education programs in both the United States and other countries.