Exciting Opportunities for DACA Trained Examiners

Exciting Opportunities for DACA Trained Examiners
JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: http://www.usajobs.com, keyword search: 1680363 or MICECP
LOCATION: Many vacancies - throughout the world

The Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program (MICECP) recruits highly qualified and motivated intelligence professionals to fill sensitive and critical intelligence and counterintelligence positions worldwide in direct support to U.S. Army Commanders, intelligence community staff offices and joint commands.
JOB SUMMARY: Incumbent of position conducts the most complex counterintelligence polygraph examinations on military personnel all grades assigned/detailed to the National Security Agency and on both military and civilian personnel of all grades involved in Special Access Programs throughout CONUS and other agencies. Coordinates logistical requirements for pre-examination briefings and polygraph testing throughout CONUS. Prepares and evaluates polygraph investigative techniques and methods to be utilized during examination and prepares complete, concise investigative reports of all exams conducted. Conducts intelligence operational and specific issue suitability polygraph examinations on cleared personnel in sensitive positions or on those involved in specific Human Intelligence (HUMINT) or counterintelligence operations located with CONUS and OCONUS.

EMAIL ADDRESS: micecp.division@us.army.mil