Mission Statement


Established in 1966, the American Polygraph Association (APA) consists of over 2500 members dedicated to providing a valid and reliable means to verify the truth and establish the highest standards of moral, ethical, and professional conduct in the polygraph field. The American Polygraph Association continues to be the leading polygraph professional association, establishing standards of ethical practices, techniques, instrumentation, research, and advanced training and continuing educational programs.


The goal of the American Polygraph Association is to provide mankind with a valid and reliable means to verify the truth of the matter asserted by

  • Serving the cause of truth with integrity, objectivity and fairness to all persons
  • Encouraging and supporting research, training and education to benefit members of the Association as well as those who support its purpose and by providing a forum for the presentation and exchange of information derived from such research, training and education
  • Establishing and enforcing standards for admission to membership and continued membership in the Association
  • Governing the conduct of members of the Association by requiring adherence to a Code of Ethics and a set of Standards and Principles of Practice.