APA Standing Committees

APA Standing and Ad-HOC Committees
General Committee Assignments 2013-2014


Communications & Public Relations: Pamela Shaw, General Chair

Subcommittees: Public Relations & Information; APA Website; Legislative Committee; APA Rapid Response Team; and State Advisory Board.

Email: directorshaw@polygraph.org

Member Services: George Baranowski, General Chair

Subcommittees: Membership; Quality Control; Mentorship; and Electronic Voting

Email: directorbaranowski@polygraph.org

Professional DevelopmentMichael C. Gougler, General Chair

Subcommittees: Seminar; Awards; William J. Yankee Scholarship; and Continuing Education

Email: directorgougler@polygraph.org

Continuing Education Committee:  William Fleisher, Committee Chair

Email:  directorfleisher@polygraph.org

Research & Development: Raymond I. Nelson, General Chair

Subcommittees: Research & Development; Validated Techniques ; PCSOT; and   Testing for Community Safety

Email: presidentelect@polygraph.org

Standards & Specialized Testing:  J. Patrick O'Burke, General Chair

Subcommittees: Standards of Practice; and Quality Control

Email: vp-private@polygraph.org

Ethics and GrievanceWalt Goodson, General Chair

Email: vp-lawenforcement@polygraph.org 

Ethics and Grievance Committee:  J. Patrick O'Burke, Committee Chair

Email: vp-private@polygraph.org 

School Accreditation: James McCloughan, General Chair

Educational Accreditation

Email: directormccloughan@polygraph.org 

National Academy of Sciences & AAFS:   Barry Cushman, General Chair

NAS & AAFS Committee; International Membership Liaison; and Past Presidents' Advisory

Email: chair@polygraph.org 

Alternative Methods of Detection:   William Fleisher, General Chair

Email: directorfleisher@polygraph.org

Constitution & Bylaws:   Donnie Dutton, General Chair

Email: vp-government@polygraph.org

Budget Committee:   Chad Russell, General Chair

Email: treasurer@polygraph.org