The APA is now seeking competitive candidates for the position of APA Editor-in-Chief to assume responsibilities in 2015.


The APA is now seeking competitive candidates for the position of APA Editor-in-Chief to assume responsibilities in 2015. All aspirants should express their interest by submitting a self-nomination packet to the APA National Office by August 1st. The packet should include a description of qualifications. The APA Board of Directors will review all packets received by the deadline, and make a selection at their regularly scheduled meeting in September.

Candidates should be aware that:
1. A competitive selectee will have a demonstrated familiarity with the content of past APA publications.
2. The position will include a modest stipend.
3. Past editors reported a commitment of about 400 – 500 hours per year to complete all responsibilities.
4. The current Editor will work with the selectee to ensure a seamless transition.

The APA Editor-in-Chief has the Constitutional responsibility for the production and delivery of APA publications, including four annual issues of Polygraph, six of the APA Magazine, and others as approved by the APA Board. The following is a summary of the responsibilities attendant to this position.

The quarterly journal Polygraph

1. Gather or accept articles for publication in the journal, with an adequate mix of topics of interest and useful for our readers.
2. Coordinate the peer-review process, using associate editors or others.
3. Notify authors of the acceptance or rejection for each article.
4. Edit each accepted article, with appropriate correspondence and communications to make necessary changes in text, tables, organization and references.
5. Provide reference materials to authors and others who need it for professional purposes.
6. Assemble each collection of articles for publication as an issue, with running titles, sequence, and customary editorial marks.
7. Proof the final draft from the Managing Editor.
8. Ensure consistent editorial standards are enforced.
9. Communicate with the printer to ensure timely delivery of the journal.
10. Approve new advertisements, including public service ads, for suitability, text, and layout.
11. Coordinate with the National Office and advertisers to ensure paid advertisements are current.
12. Arrange for release of copyright for quotations, and reprinted articles.
13. Arrange for translations as needed.

Bi-Monthly APA Magazine

1. Solicit, gather or accept articles for publication in the APA Magazine, with an adequate mix of topics of interest.
2. Edit each article to assure brevity and continuity of style.
3. Prepare sections for each issue on training sites and dates, activities of officers of the APA and their committees, announcements of APA training events and the annual seminar, publish professional announcements, and list applicants for membership.
4. Publish proposed constitutional changes far enough in advance to meet the requirements for notice.

Operating Description

1. Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.
2. Select the printer for all publications.
3. Prepare books, monographs, and pamphlets for the APA as directed.
4. Provide research material in support of the APA amicus briefs, legislative hearings, testimony, policy statements, and public relations. Do the same for affiliated state and regional associations.
5. Appoint Associate Editors and a Managing Editor, with approval of the APA Board. Maintain experts in a variety of topics to review articles in their fields.
6. With the Managing Editor, established closing dates for the magazine and journal.
7. Answer general correspondence sent to the APA, or if appropriate, forward to the National Office or APA officers for a response.
8. Establish fees of periodical subscriptions, back issue sales, books and pamphlets.
9. Other duties at the direction of the APA Board.