Notice of Proposed Constitutional and By-Laws Changes !!Please Read!!

Notice of Proposed Constitutional and By-Laws Changes
The Board of Directors recommends and brings to the membership for a vote a Constitutional Change and three By-Laws changes. The Constitutional and one By-Laws change moves creation of Standing Committees from the Constitution to the By-Laws, are consistent with Roberts Rules of Order, and provide for needed flexibility in the creation and management of committees by the President and Board of Directors.
1. Motion to remove Article VIII Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees from the Constitution and to re-number Constitutional provisions as effected.

2. Motion to replace Division 13 of the By-Laws with the following new language as modified from the removed Article VIII of the Constitution:

13 Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees

13.1 The President shall establish the following standing committees and shall appoint a general chairperson from the membership of the Board of Directors for each committee:

1 - Communication and Public Relations Committee
2 - Ethics and Grievance Committee
3 - Member Services Committee
4 - Professional Development Committee
5 - Research and Development Committee
6 - Education Accreditation Committee
7 - Standards and Specialized Testing Committee
8 - Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing Committee

13.1.1 Standing Committees shall consist of a Chairperson appointed by the President and no fewer than three eligible members appointed by the Committee Chair, whose total number shall be determined by the Committee Chair dependent on the needs of the Committee. The Committee Chair may appoint a Vice-chair. The Committee Chair shall report to the Board of Directors.

13.1.2 Standing Committees shall have and maintain a standard operating procedure of which any changes to require a majority vote of the Board of Directors or general membership.

13.2 The President may establish Ad-Hoc committees for the purpose of administering the goals and objectives of the Association and may appoint any Voting Member to act as Chairperson of any such committee. Ad-Hoc committees shall dissolve upon the completion of their stated purpose, dissolution by the President or upon the expiration of the office of the appointing President.

13.3 Policies and Procedures established by the Board of Directors in administrating the Association shall be documented as historical record by the Secretary and retained at the National Office.

3. Motion to approve change to By-law 5.8.1 as follows:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Article, membership in the Association shall be terminated upon the conviction of any member, other than a Divisional Member, of any felony crime conviction or its equivalent. For the purpose of this section, conviction shall mean the judgment of any court of competent jurisdiction, local, state or federal and shall include a plea of “no contest”.

Note: Underlined terminology added. Deleted “Such termination of membership shall be automatic and without action by the Grievance Committee or the Board.”

4. Motion to approve change to By-law 5.8.4 as follows:

Any applicant pending Board approval of membership or Associate Member who is in the process of upgrading to Full Member will not be eligible for upgrade processing until their current grievance investigation is closed.

Note: Terminology “deemed unfounded and” deleted prior to the word “closed.”