APA Terminology Reference translated into Spanish !!!!

The 2013 APA Board approved of the translation of the 2012 APA Terminology
Reference into Spanish by a committee of translators representing various
polygraph schools. It was agreed that the finished document in electronic
form would be made available without charge to all APA polygraph schools, and
posted in the Members section of the APA website.

After a huge effort, the committee completed its translation in early 2014.
The APA owes a debt to the volunteers for this project: Maria Fernanda Gadea
Lucio, Nayeli Hernandez Pimentel, Rodolfo Prado Pelayo, Alejandro Ruiz Ochoa,
Charles Speagle, and Guillermo (Gil) Witte. Each has put in countless hours of
translating, retranslating, and negotiating among members from other countries
to produce this document. It is a sterling example of volunteerism for the
betterment of the profession.

Please log into the APA Publications using your member log in to download a